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Tri-State Wire Rope Supply Cincinnati

Dave Stafford
General Manager

Dave’s work started in TSWR’s infancy in 1991 as a wire rope fabricator and general laborer. Since that time, Dave has carried out various functions for the company including web sling fabricator, delivery, sales and purchasing. Dave has evolved with the company over the years and is now the general manager of our Cincinnati operations.

Tony Baker
Customer Service

Tony’s tenure with TSWR began in 1994. Tony has held positions as wire rope fabricator, delivery driver, web sling fabricator and now is assisting customers with their rigging product questions and requirements. Tony is a first-rate customer service representative and is a Certified Rigging Gear Inspector with credentials from the International Training Institute.

Nick Taylor
Customer Service

Nick rejoined TSWR as an inside Customer Service Representative in early 2016. Previously, Nick serviced the Cincinnati market with us as a Product Specialist. This history of field applications has given Nick vast experiences with our products and the challenges many in the field face on a daily basis.

Doug Pekel
Product Specialist – Cincinnati Field

Doug’s roots in the lifting and rigging industry stretch back to 1989. Doug has been an outbound worker providing rigging solutions to a variety of industries since then. He is an authorized Crosby Trainer and a National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) Certified Rigger. Doug also serves as lead trainer for TSWR’s Rigging Awareness classes.

Paul Tagher
Product Specialist – Northern KY/Southern Ohio Field

Paul joined the TSWR team as a Product Specialist in 2017. He brings a wide variety of experience in industrial, manufacturing, and construction sales having worked as a Regional Sales Manager for Kinshofer Crane & Excavator Attachments as well as sales representative for Republic Crane and Cincinnati Crane. Paul also publishes our monthly newsletter (Hook & Line) so feel free to offer up some topics you would like to see covered.

Tri-State Wire Rope Supply Dayton

John Doppes
Site Manager – Dayton

John Doppes began his career in the rigging industry in 1989. He started as a wire rope fabricator in Cincinnati and transferred to Dayton in 1990, eventually assuming management of a local rigging shop. John joined TSWR in 2010 and has successfully led our expansion North into Dayton.

Alex Brock
Operations & Quality Leader

Alex joined TSWR in 2014 and has quickly “learned the ropes.” Alex started with our company covering two important roles at TSWR, as a customer service representative and coordinator of rigging gear repairs. With this background, and a knack for leadership & systems, he’s transitioned into Operations & Quality Leader for Fulcrum Lifting’s 4 locations. He has developed and implemented an ISO 9001:2015 system for our organization. Alex has certificates from The Rigging Institute as Qualified Inspector and Competent Rigger.

Statz Croucher
Product Specialist – Columbus & Dayton Field

Statz has over 13 years of background in the wire rope industry. Previous to his time with TSWR, Statz was employed by a wire rope wholesale company specializing in premium wire ropes for cranes, OEM applications, elevators and general industry. Since hiring on with TSWR, he has helped service and develop business in Central Ohio. Statz has almost too many interests to name. Favorites include knife making and archery with his sons.

Kentuckiana Wire Rope & Supply

Todd Stites
General Manager

Todd began his career at KWR in 1997 and currently works as General Manager. Todd started in inside sales, but moved around to areas of need. These areas include: sales, shop supervisor, marketing, quality control, rigging training and management. Todd is an authorized Crosby Train-the-Trainer, a certified Signalperson/Advanced Rigger through Crane Institute of America (CIC) and has been an active member of Associated Crane & Rigging Professionals (ACRP) since 2008.

Dan Owsley
Sales Manager – All locations

Dan has been with the company since 1998. Dan has held a number of positions including delivery, wire rope fabricator and shop foreman, and has extensive field experience in providing rigging solutions. He is now the Sales Manager covering our four operation locations and nine Field Rigging Product Specialists. Dan is a Crane Institute Certifcation (CIC) Certified Advanced Rigger and Signal Person, has attended the Crosby “Train the Trainer” program, Guardian’s Competent Fall Protection course and is actively involved in Leadership Southern Indiana.

Tim Coombs
Product Specialist – Louisville Field

Tim began his KWR career in 2001 as a wire rope fabricator and general labor. After working four years with the company, he moved into inside sales. Moving from the shop to inside sales, prepared him for his current role. Tim is actively working in outside sales, helping customers with their rigging needs. Tim is recognized by Crosby as a Train-the-Trainer and has a certificate from The Rigging Institute as a Competent Rigger and Qualified Inspector.

Outside of work, Tim enjoys working outside on his property, fishing, sports, and spending time with his family.

Scott Warner
Product Specialist – Louisville Field

Scott joined the KWR team in 2011. He began working as a shop foreman, but eventually moved into inside sales. While working in inside sales, Scott gained a higher level of product knowledge. This knowledge prepared him for his current position in outside sales. Today, Scott goes out to the customers helping them with their application and product needs. Scott has certificates from The Rigging Institute as a Competent Rigger and Qualified Inspector.

Doug James
Product Specialist – Central Kentucky Field

Doug took charge of the Central Kentucky territory for KWR in 2014. Doug is a diligent worker always willing to go the extra mile to take care of a customer request. He has attended classes arranged by The Rigging Institute and The Crosby Group.

Jenny King
Customer Service

Jenny joined KWR’s inside sales team in 2014. She is seasoned with over 20 years of sales experience. 13 of those years have been spent in the industrial marine industry. Jenny’s industrial sales experience and upbeat personality has made a positive impact at KWR. Jenny has a certificate from The Rigging Institute as a Competent Rigger.

Jacob Rich
Customer Service

Jacob began his tenure with KWR in 2013. He started as a wire rope and chain fabricator, then spent a few years as the shop coordinator before being moved into inside sales. He is great with the products we specialize in and is eager to greet everyone with a smile when they visit our facility.

Ed Holtshouser
Customer Service

Ed joined Kentuckiana Wire Rope as part of the inside sales team in 2019. With over 15 years experience in the HVAC and building material industries, his background is a great platform for assisting our customers with their rigging needs.

Audrey Russell
Outside Sales Liaison

Audrey joined KWR’s inside sales team in 2014 and is now working as the Outside Sales Liaison. She brought with her experience in industrial sales and distribution. Audrey is also experienced in working with construction job sites around the country. Audrey has a certificate from The Rigging Institute as a Competent Rigger.

Vernon Lifting Products

Kellie Shigley
General Manager

Educated in accounting, Kellie previously worked in the tower industry for 15 years monitoring inventory, job costing, and sales for tower products. She began at Vernon in 2002 performing a variety of duties including data entry, receiving, order taking, logistics, inventory, and bookkeeping. In 2015 Kellie furthered her roles to include office management and was promoted to general manager of Vernon Lifting Products in 2019.

Justin Perry
Purchasing and Inside Sales

Justin began working at our Vernon location in 2008 fabricating roundslings, nylon/polyester web slings, fab/splicing synthetic rope. In 2011 he became shop foreman and in 2014 moved to an inside sales position. Throughout the years more and more duties were added and is now the Purchasing Manager in addition sales at Vernon.

Chris Derr
Sales Specialist – Boonville/Southern Indiana Field

Chris was born in the family business at Vernon in 1982. He worked part time in the shop in high school, college, and a brief full-time stint right out of college. He pursued a teaching and coaching career for 8 years and decided to come back to the Vernon Corp. In 2013 beginning an outside sales position. Chris is a qualified inspector and Crosby Rigging Trainer and can help you with all of your rigging, lifting, winching, and load securement needs.

Greg Minnette
Sales Specialist – Boonville/Southern Indiana Field

Greg began with the Vernon Corporation in 1988 and has held positions in sales, rigging training, and fall protection training. He has attended many Crosby Rigging and Advanced Rigging classes and has been a Vernon/ Crosby Rigging trainer for 24 years. Greg is also a NCCCO Certified Advanced rigger and signal person for 12 years, a ETCP Qualified Theatrical Rigger and handles Bethlehem Wire Rope sales for the Midwest Mines.

On a personal note, Greg is a past president of the Evansville Propeller Club and on the board of directors for the International Propeller Club Organization.