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Operating under the names Tri-State Wire Rope Supply™ (Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio), Kentuckiana Wire Rope and Supply™ (Jeffersonville, Indiana), and Vernon Lifting Products™ (Evansville, Indiana), Fulcrum Lifting™ has four branch locations, servicing Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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Fulcrum Lifting™ and all of its regional branches are dedicated to delivering top-line quality products, building professional relationships with our customers, providing superior product knowledge, and offering industry-specific services to exceed the needs of our customers.

Our culture revolves around a set of Core Values that is present throughout each branch and employee. These Core Values define our culture. They serve as a guide to how we conduct ourselves and business.

  1. Integrity
  2. Above and Beyond
  3. Positive Attitude
  4. Team Oriented
  5. Customer Focus

It’s worth repeating – quality products properly applied are critical to the safety and success of every job. That’s why so many professionals make Fulcrum Lifting™ their go-to resource for high-quality products from the most respected brands

Regional Branches

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Where it all started

Mel Fireovid got his start in the rigging industry in the early 1970s as a sales rep for the Crosby Group, where he met his future wife, Pat. In 1981 he left Crosby to found Kentuckiana Wire Rope & Supply in Jeffersonville, Indiana. In those early years, Mel grew the business by making sales calls by day and fabricating slings by night. Bob Sample, a former Jeffboat employee, was a welcomed first employee. Within two years, Mel and Bob were joined by Mel’s partner Ed Elliot, also a Crosby Alumni. As new team members came on board, the business really took off.

By 1989 Mel saw an opportunity to enter the Cincinnati market and opened Tri-State Wire Rope, where his son John often worked after school. Dave Stafford and Tony Baker soon became the backbone of the company. TSWR continued to grow and in 2010 opened a location in Dayton to serve customers further north.

In 2016 Fulcrum Lifting™ was formed as a parent company for both KWR & TSWR. In 2019, Fulcrum Lifting™ acquired the assets of The Vernon Corporation in Evansville, IN. The facilities operate as Fulcrum Lifting™ branches doing business as Kentuckiana Wire Rope and Supply (KWR), Tri-State Wire Rope Supply (TSWR), and Vernon Lifting Products (VLP). Same teams, fresh approach.

Mel and DaveFulcrum employee workingFulcrum employees working together

Today, as Fulcrum Lifting™, business is going strong, despite Ed’s death in 1997 and Mel’s in 2012. John Fireovid is now President, carrying on his father’s legacy of growing the business through hard work and strong customer relationships. The close-knit staff includes several longtime employees.

Inside Fulcrum's facilityFulcrum products display

Over the years, one thing hasn’t changed. With its team of expert employees, this organization continues to be known for exceptional attention to customers’ needs, and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to solve their biggest challenges – and meet their toughest deadlines.

Today, the business has transitioned to the next generation and remains privately held by the Fireovid family. Our team of dedicated long-time employees continues our commitment for solving our customers’ biggest challenges -and meeting their toughest deadlines.