Stainless Steel Chain

Grade 63 stainless steel chain is approved for overhead lifting. Stainless steel chain is better suited for use in water and wastewater applications. It can also be used around various chemicals and food products (restrictions apply).

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Grade 63Primarily used in water and waste water applications.
Stainless SteelGrade 100 Chain
Chain SizeWork Load LimitFeet per DrumWeight per 100ft.
3/16″1,100 Lbs.200′38 Lbs.
9/32″2,200 Lbs.200′74 Lbs.
3/8″4,400 Lbs.200′148 Lbs.
1/2″7,100 Lbs.200′255 Lbs.
5/8″11,00 Lbs.100′383 Lbs.

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