There are multiple grades of chain available with various applications for Cargo Control as well as Overhead Lifting. We sell chain by length, drum, or preassembled in Binder Chain Assemblies for Cargo Control or Lifting Chain Slings for overhead lifting applications.

  • Carbon Chain is most often used by highway crews, loggers, and truckers for cargo control, lashing, towing, and trawler chain. Carbon chain is not to be used for overhead lifting (specific exceptions may apply). Grade 30 Proof Coil, Grade 43 High Test, Grade 70 Transport.
  • Stainless Steel Chain is most often used in water, waste water, and around food products. Grade 63 stainless steel chain is approved for lifting applications (specific exceptions may apply).
  • Alloy Chain is most often used in a lifting sling assembly for overhead lifting. They can also be used in rigging and tie-down applications for a lighter weight, higher strength chain may be more desired. Grade 80, Grade 100, Grade 120.

Fulcrum Lifting sources chain from multiple vendors such as Cartec, Gunnebo, and Pewag.