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Push-Pull Toggle Clamps

A pull clamp, also known as a positioning clamp, is a type of clamp used in the rigging and lifting industry to secure and position loads. It is typically used in conjunction with a hoist or crane and is designed to provide a secure and adjustable grip on the load.

Pull clamps are available in a variety of designs and sizes, with different weight capacities and clamping ranges to suit various applications. They can be used to grip and position a wide range of loads, including pipes, beams, and other structural components.

Pull clamps are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries where loads must be positioned and secured for welding, assembly, or other operations. They offer a safe and efficient means of manipulating heavy loads, reducing the risk of injury to workers and minimizing downtime.

Fulcrum Lifting offers pull clamps from The Crosby Group® and J.C. Renfro & Sons.

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Pull Clamp Products

Product IDdescriptioncapacitybrandweightQuote
2703857IPSC10 1.5t Positioning Clamp - Plate Thickness: 0" - 2.38" - *Not to be used as a lifting clamp1.5 TonnesCrosby10.1 lbs QTY Add to Quote Cart
2703858IPSC10 3t Positioning Clamp - Plate Thickness: 0" - 2.38" - *Not to be used as a lifting clamp3 TonnesCrosby18.5 lbs QTY Add to Quote Cart

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