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Vertical Lifting Clamps

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Horizontal Lifting Clamps

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Beam Clamps

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Non-marring Clamps

Non-marring Clamp

Non-marring Clamps

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Screw Clamps

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Drum Lifters

We offer a wide variety of lifting clamps, a tool used to securely grab and move various materials with heavy machinery in a construction or industrial setting. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you find the right clamp for your project.

Types of Lifting Clamps:

  • Vertical : Used for lifting and vertical relocation of steel sheets, plates, or fabrications. Vertical lifting clamps have a 180-degree turning range and include locking and non-locking options. Our types of vertical lifting clamps include Crosby Locking Vertical Lifting clamps.
  • Horizontal : Used for the horizontal lifting and transporting of steel plates. Horizontal lifting clamps must be used in pairs or more. Horizontal locking and horizontal non-locking lifting clamps are available.
  • Beam : Used for lifting, transferring, and stacking a wide variety of steel beams including I-beams, H-beams, angle iron, and structural beams. We distribute a full line of horizontal lifting beams including FBK Beam Lifting Clamps.
  • Pull : Used for pulling and aligning structural members such as beams, columns and tension structures, frames, trusses, walls, and fabricated sections in various industries. Pulls also help assemble steel plates and welded sections as they are versatile with a wide jaw opening that is secured to the load by tightening the screw.
  • Non-marring: Has smooth gripping surfaces to prevent deformation when gripping stainless steel, wood, marble, glass, copper, aluminum, and other polished metal plates. These clamps are recommended to be used in pairs.
  • Screw Clamps : Used for positioning, pulling, and turning plates or fabrications. Screw clamps feature a screw thread mechanism with a threaded spindle and pivots.
  • Drum Lifter : Used for vertical lifting and transporting of metal drums. Drum lifting clamps are equipped with a locking device that secures the clamp tightly to the drum. Our drum lifting clamps can lift one to four drums at a time.

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