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Spreader Beams

Spreader Beams are ideal for lifting a wide range of loads in spaces where headroom is not limited. Compared to lifting beams, spreader beams are often a more stable and lighter lifting weight device. The upper rigging spreads the weight between two lift points for extra stability. The upper rigging is customizable. The beam length and weight limits are also made to fit your specific lifting needs.

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Fixed Spreader Beam Products

Product IDdescriptioncapacitybrandweightQuote
30-2-4Fixed Spreader Beam - Spread: 4'2 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions45 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
30-2-6Fixed Spreader Beam - Spread: 6'2 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions60 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart

Adjustable Spreader Beams Products

Product IDdescriptioncapacitybrandweightQuote
32-2-12/20Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 12'/20'2 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions268 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-2-4/6Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 4'/6'2 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions79 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-2-6/10Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 6'/10'2 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions98 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-2-8/14Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 8'/14'2 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions192 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-5-4/6Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 4'/6'5 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions139 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-10-4/6Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 4'/6'10 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions179 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-15-4/6Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 4'/6'15 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions244 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-20-7/11Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 7'/11'20 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions605 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-25-7/11Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 7'/11'25 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions670 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-30-7/11Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 7'/11'30 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions855 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart
32-40-7/11Adjustable Spreader Beam - Spread: 7'/11'40 tonsCaldwell Lifting Solutions995 lbsQTY Add to Quote Cart

The Standard Spreader Beam works well in areas where headroom is not limited. The wire rope or chain rigging is spread between two lift points on either end of the beam to maximize stability. Customize the length of the beam and the top rigging system to meet your specific needs.

This beam is telescopic. The length of the beam is adjustable in 1” increments, which correspond with the weight capacity of the lifter. Customize the top rigging, capacity, and upper/lower shackle design to fit your lifting needs.

Designed to provide a flexible and customizable lifting solution for a variety of applications. This product features interchangeable components, allowing for easy adjustment of the beam's length and capacity, and is constructed from high-strength steel for durability and reliability.

The Box Spreader Beam is designed to lift bulky loads. It’s very customizable. Choose between

  • Welded or bolt-together design
  • Fixed or telescopic lengths/widths
  • Chain or wire rope top rigging
  • Shackles, swivel hooks, and more

This beam can be rigged to handle objects with an offset center of gravity. Designed for use in spaces with plenty of headroom.

The End Cap Spreader Beam uses an upper rigging system to spread the weight between two lift points for improved stability. Supplied with pivoting lugs which provide flexibility for the lower rigging angle. Customize the upper rigging (chain or wire rope) to meet your specific needs.

The Beam End Fittings allow the user to assemble their own spreader beam. Sold in pairs. Add the correct pipe and upper/lower rigging to meet the specific needs of your project. Supplied with standard assembly pins.

Fulcrum Lifting offers lifting beams from manufacturers such as Caldwell Lifting Solutions, Peerless, and M&W Machining & Welding.

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