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Our industrial-grade below-the-hook lifting devices attach to a crane or other lifting device to secure a load and move it safely from one location to another. These devices are available in a range of materials including carbon, alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, or specialty metals. Common applications for below the hook beams include lifting, moving, and stacking:

  • Pipes
  • Bars
  • Coils
  • Sheets
  • Plates
  • Pallets
  • Structural shapes
  • Horizontally stacked materials

Types of Below the Hook Lifting Devices:

  • Lifting Beams: have a single attachment point centered on the top side of the beam connecting directly to a crane, hoist, or other lifting machines. They are ideal for lighter and shorter-span lifts that don’t require a lot of headroom. Our beams are adjustable and made to handle wide or unbalanced loads. Our options include twin hoist rotating and twin lifting beams which are made to use two cranes or two hoists to rotate a load.
  • Spreader Beams: can be fixed or adjustable, making them ideal when headroom is unlimited. A spreader beam is often smaller, lighter, and less expensive than lifting beams and is used for very wide or heavy-duty loads.
  • Roll Lifters: support the core mandrel through the I.D. of the roll. They are used to lift rolls with plate style or bent bar J-hooks.
  • Coil Lifters:: enable the lifting of a coil through its inner diameter in a vertical or horizontal orientation and are ideal for small, lightweight coils. We also offer heavy-duty C-Hooks, slit coil C-Hooks, close-stacking C-Hooks, and ergonomic vertical “eye” coil lifters.
  • Sheet Lifters: Used to handle sheets or plates stacked horizontally as well as thick plates one at a time. Available sheet lifters include small bundle sheet lifters, motorized heavy-duty sheet lifters, and hydraulic sheet lifters, used for construction, manufacturing, and industrial industries.
  • Pallet Lifters: Uses forks to lift pallets from underneath. Standard, heavy-duty, handwheel adjusted and heavy-duty adjustable forks pallet lifters are sold through Fulcrum Lifting.
  • Lifting Tongs: Lifting tongs are available in standard configurations that fit many applications. Custom applications for lifting tongs may be your best solution.
  • Plate Clamps: Capable of mounting directly to a workpiece. Available in straight, hinged, and horizontal configurations.
  • Pipe Lifters: Depending on the material, application, and orientation, we have the best pipe lifter for you. Sling attachments, structural C-hooks & tongs are all lifters we have experience with.
  • Concrete Barrier Lifters: Used to lift concrete barriers with heavy-duty construction and rugged gripping pads to conform to load.
  • Beam Clamps: Can be used for lifting, pulling, or as an anchor point.

Fulcrum lifting provides below-the-hook lifting devices and accessories from Caldwell Lifting Solutions, Peerless Chain Company, and M&W.

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