1. Why did you create Fulcrum Lifting™?
Kentuckiana Wire Rope & Supply (KWR), Tri-State Wire Rope Supply (TSWR) and Vernon Lifting Products have been serving the rigging industry since 1981, 1989 and 1948, respectively. Today, business is strong. Fulcrum Lifting™ was formed as a parent company to support the future growth of both KWR, TSWR, and VLP. We believe the opportunity to share resources will only strengthen both companies.

2. When will Fulcrum Lifting™ begin operations?
Fulcrum Lifting™ is currently operational.

3. How will this impact my day-to-day business with Kentuckiana Wire Rope & Supply, Tri-State Wire Rope Supply or Vernon Lifting Products?
KWR, TSWR and VLP remain operational companies today, part of the new Fulcrum Lifting company. You’ll continue to work with the same employees you’ve come to know and trust. And you can rest assured that one thing has not changed – our commitment to doing whatever it takes to solve our customers’ rigging and lifting challenges.

4. How will this affect our current legal agreements/contracts with Kentuckiana Wire Rope & Supply, Tri-State Wire Rope Supply or Vernon Lifting Products?
The introduction of Fulcrum Lifting™ will not affect any of the legal agreements or contracts you currently have with KWR, TSWR or VLP. There is no need to update existing agreements.

5. Will purchase orders or invoices be issued under the new Fulcrum Lifting™?
No. Existing orders or invoices will not be re-issued. Over time you will begin to see the Fulcrum Lifting™ logo appear on your KWR, TSWR and VLP paperwork.

6. Will email addresses change?
Email addresses are currently being developed under the Fulcrum Lifting™ banner and will be communicated directly by your KWR, TSWR or VLP representative.

7. Will contact phone numbers change?
No. Contact phone numbers for Kentuckiana Wire Rope, Tri-State Wire Rope, and Vernon Lifting Products will remain unchanged.