Turtle Plastics Cribbing

Recycled plastics are being used in many industries and ours is no exception. Turtle Plastics is a 37 year old business that manufactures quality safety products made in the USA out of 100% recycled plastic.

More and more of our customers have turned to lightweight cribbing such as that made by Turtle Plastics. Cribbing, blocks, wedges, matting, hose bridges, and coil pads are just a few examples of the Turtle Plastics line of products. All of these products are substantially lighter in weight than wood, they will not rot, and are termite and weather resistant (not to mention good for the environment!)

Visit www.turtleplastics.com to see the full product line and videos and contact your sales rep for a quote or additional information. Turtle Plastics also offers a trade-in program. Products may be returned at end-of-life for credit as they can be recycled into new products!!