Tip From The Experts: Eyebolts vs. Swivel Hoist Rings

Consider a swivel hoist ring as a more practical option

Consider a swivel hoist ring as a more practical optionStandard eyebolts have been around for a long time, and while they can do a good job when used properly, introducing an angle to a standard eyebolt results in a loss of working load – sometimes a significant one. If the load shifts or the direction of loading on an eyebolt is as much as 10° off the zero line of force, you could have a bent eyebolt.

Consider using a swivel hoist ring, which is designed for lifting at any angle because they can swivel 360° and pivot 180°. A swivel hoist ring can rotate to the direction of force, with no loss of rated capacity, which gives increased safety and peace of mind. Utilizing a swivel hoist ring is more practical anytime angles other than vertical must be rigged, and especially when load turning might take place.