Shall or Should? Test your knowledge:

Remember, “shall” is a requirement and “should” is a recommendation. Test your knowledge below:

  1. Rigging equipment for material handling (shall? or should?) be inspected prior to use on each shift
  2. Defective rigging equipment (shall? or should?) be removed from service.
  3. Rigging equipment, when not in use, (shall? or should?) be removed from the immediate work area so as not to present a hazard to employees.
  4. Eyes in wire rope bridles, slings, or bull wires (shall? or should?) not be formed by wire rope clips
  5. Slings (shall? or should?) not be shortened with knots or bolts or other makeshift devices.
  6. Slings (shall? or should?) be padded or protected from the sharp edges of their loads.
  7. Wire rope slings (shall? or should?) have permanently affixed, legible identification markings stating size, rated capacity for the type(s) of hitch(es) used and the angle upon which it is based, and the number of legs if more than one.
  8. Synthetic web slings (shall? or should?) be immediately removed from service if broken or worn stitches are present.

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