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Regular inspections play a critical role in the safety, function and certification of your slings and lifting hardware. In addition, ANSI B30.9 specifies that all slings shall have a documented inspection at least every 12 months. It’s important to choose qualified inspectors who are trained in proper inspection of various types of slings and lifting fixtures. At Fulcrum Lifting, our expert personnel are trained and certified through third-party qualification programs to inspect your rigging gear. We can conduct a range of visual inspections either at your site or at our facility. Using our on-site Pull Test Machine we can repair and load-test slings and hardware. We are also capable of incorporating RFID technology in your rigging gear to enhance record-keeping and overall asset management. Inspections are available for the following types of equipment:

  • Slings – Wire Rope, Synthetic, Chain and Metal Mesh
  • Hardware
  • Plate Clamp
  • Below-the-Hook Lifters
  • Hoists
  • Hydraulics

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As one of the region’s only full-service rigging specialists, you can count on Fulcrum Lifting to repair your equipment correctly—or advise you if repairs are not a cost-effective option.

Our team of trained repair technicians will repair your equipment on site or at our facility, and we’ll get it right the first time. We follow up by testing all equipment to ensure it meets applicable ANSI and/or manufacturer’s recommended standards.

Repair services provided for:

  • Slings – Wire Rope & Chain
  • Plate Clamps
  • Hoists
  • Hydraulic Tools


Fulcrum Lifting conducts a full range of load testing, both for the products we fabricate as well as those from other manufacturers. These tests are utilized for product verification, such as break testing, as well as load testing of custom products or repaired products.

All testing equipment is calibrated annually to ASTM E-4 standards (+/- 1% accuracy). We maintain a variety of equipment that enable us to test many types of slings and hardware, including:

  • Horizontal 300,000 lb. machine
  • Horizontal 100,000 lb. machine
  • Vertical Dynamic Hoist Test — up to 40,000 lb.

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Training plays a critical role in keeping workers safe on the job, and keeping rigging equipment functioning properly. Fulcrum Lifting offers a variety of product and equipment training programs. Some are conducted by our own in-house experts, while others feature certified trainers from industry leaders such as Crosby, who conduct training on the installation, use, inspection and maintenance of its products.

We can also provide custom training programs tailored to your company’s needs, working with a variety of industry experts. Whether you need a brief onsite session to review specific issues, or a week-long, hands-on rigging course, we can develop a training program for your specific needs.