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Manual & Powered Winches

Fulcrum Lifting offers manual and powered winches from Thern.

Winches are designed to make heavy-pulling tasks easier. We provide lifting equipment for rigging applications in construction, energy, manufacturing, industrial and maritime applications. All winches meet or exceed ASME safety standards.

Thern's manual and powered winches are designed to pull a heavy load horizontally over a slightly inclined or level surface. These devices wind a cable or rope in or out, using tension to pull an object. Winches can be powered manually, by air, electricity or hydraulics. We offer the full line of Thern winches.

Thern offers a variety of configurations, sizes, and capacity options.

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  • Hand winches: are designed to help you lift, lower, or position a heavy load more quickly. We provide manual, heavy-duty hand winches, portable hand winches, and crank winches. Hand winches, also known as manual winches, are a great tool when electricity is not easily accessible.

Spur Gear Hand Winch Products

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Worm Gear Hand Winch Products

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  • Electric winches: Built to travel long distances, accommodate faster line speeds, and give an incredible degree of control. Electric winches can lift, pull or position up to 100,000 lbs. These powered winches are made with welded steel drums, flange-style roller bearings, extended solid steel drum shafts, load-holding motor disc brakes, and direct drive gear reducers. Electric winches save manpower and make quick work of difficult loading and pulling jobs.
  • Portable electric winches: Lightweight and portable, they move up to 4,600 lb. Portable electric winches are made of cast aluminum and are useful whenever and wherever you need them – from construction sites to mines, wastewater treatment plants to aerospace facilities.
  • Air winches: Also known as pneumatic winches, air winches are used to precisely lift, lower or position a heavy load. Air winches are used in construction, maritime and manufacturing applications.
    Hydraulic winches: Commonly used in mining, offshore oil and gas, and construction applications. They are a great choice when electric power is unavailable

Air Winch Products

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Portable Electric Winch Products

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Portable Hydraulic Winch Products

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Portable Pneumaic Winch Products

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Manual Winches

Powered Winches

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