Lifting Slings

We offer a full line of sling options for any of your applications.

Choosing the correct piece of rigging and lifting sling is just as important as the crane or hoist used for the lift. The appropriate sling can be attached to, or wrapped around the material or item being lifted.

Slings are used for lifting various sizes and weights, it is important they are inspected regularly for signs of wear.

  • Chain Slings: often used in rugged duties and work environments. They are resistant to abrasion, cutting, and temperature. They can be assembled with various grade chain types, hardware, and hooks to best fit your application.
  • Roundslings: or endless roundslings are unique because while using roundslings, you are able to rotate hook and load contact points which help increase the sling life. Various assembly configurations allow for numerous length and WLL ratings.
  • Web slings: and their dense construction are still pliable enough to conform to the load being lifted. Its flexibility makes it a good fit for finished equipment or loads that require handling with care.
  • Wire Rope Slings: have more durability for heavier loads, but are still lighter than chain slings for lifting. Similar to chain slings, there are various strength wire rope, hardware, and hooks to best fit your application.
  • Sling Protection: can be added to your lifting sling(s) to help prolong the life of your sling.