Single Leg Chain Slings

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Type A Adjuster


Type B Adjuster


We offer a full line of chain sling options for any of your applications.

Chain Slings are one of the strongest and most durable types of rigging used. Due to the chain’s assembly process, it is inherently flexible, adjustable (with the correct assembly), temperature and cut resistant.

We can customize a chain sling for your application with various end fittings such as sling, grab, self-locking, or foundry hooks.

  • SLING HOOK: also known as slip sling hooks, are large throat hooks that are commonly used at the ends of chain slings and wire rope. These typically are equipped with spring latches.
  • SELF-LOCKING HOOK: these hooks are designed to pivot in the middle and lock as lifting pressure is applied. These hooks cannot be opened while in use lifting the load.
  • FOUNDRY HOOK: these are extra-large throat hooks which are used in special instances that require a larger throat opening to manage the load.
  • GRAB HOOK: sometimes referred to as standard or non-cradle grab hooks. These chain sling hooks feature a small throat that is designed to hold the link of the chain.
  • OBLONG MASTER LINK: An oblong-shaped ring that is used at the top of chain slings.
  • MASTER GRAB LINK: A master link and integrated cradle chain pocket.

When Ordering  A Chain Sling:

Chain Sling Components

 1. Determine the weight of the load.

 2. Determine the type of sling using the following configuration:

  • First Letter Indicates Number Of Legs
    S – Single Leg
    D – Double Leg
    T – Triple Leg
    Q – Quadruple Leg
  • Second Letter Indicates Top Fitting
    O – Oblong Link
    S – Sling Hook
    G – Grab Hook
    MG – Master Grab Single (one integrated chain cradle pocket)
    MGD – Master Grab Double (two integrated chain cradle pockets)
  • Third Letter Indicates Bottom Fitting
    O – Oblong Link
    S – Sling Hook
    G – Grab Hook
    F – Foundry Hook
    BK – Safety Hook* “A” proceeding other letters indicates adjustable

3. Determine the length of the sling based on the proper angle. Length is measured from bearing point to bearing point. 

Chain Sling Ratings

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