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Powered Hoists

A powered hoist is a lifting device that utilizes an electric motor to lift and move heavy loads. It is commonly used in manufacturing, construction, and other industries where heavy loads need to be lifted and transported over long distances.

Types of powered hoists include:

  • Electric Chain Hoists: These hoists use a chain to lift and move loads, and are available in various weight capacities and lifting speeds. They are typically designed for vertical lifting applications, and are known for their quiet operation and precise control.
  • Wire Rope Hoists: These hoists use a wire rope to lift and move loads, and are capable of lifting heavier loads at faster speeds than chain hoists. They are commonly used in applications where long lifting distances are required.
  • Air Hoists: These hoists use compressed air to lift and move loads, and are often used in environments where electric hoists are not practical, such as in explosive or hazardous areas.

Powered hoists are designed for maximum efficiency and safety, and are available with various features and options to suit different lifting needs. When using a powered hoist, it is important to follow proper safety procedures and manufacturer's instructions to ensure safe operation and prevent accidents.

We offer the full line of powered hoists from manufacturers such as Harrington Hoists, Magna Lifting Products, Elephant Lifting Products, and Yale. Contact us to learn more about our powered & electric hoists. 

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