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Lever Binder

Lever Binders

Ratchet Binder

Ratchet Binder

Load binders or chain binders are used to tighten binder chain for securing cargo or equipment for transport. There are three types of load binders – Lever Binders, Ratchet Binders, and Torque Binders.

  • Lever Binders – Sometimes called “Snap Binders”, they use force through the lever itself to pull chain tight to secure cargo or equipment. These binders do retain energy from the tightening process, so there is the potential risk of snapbacks and/or recoiling on the operator. As their tightening process is simple, they are often considered quicker and easier when compared to ratchet binders.
  • Ratchet Binders – These use a ratcheting mechanism to apply tension to the chain. These binders don’t store as much energy compared to Lever Binders. This means they have a much lower risk of snapbacks and/or recoiling on the operator
  • Torque Drive Binders – These use worm gear mechanisms to apply tension to the chain. By using a cordless drill or standard ratchet, you significantly reduce the amount of effort exerted by the operator. As the drill and binder do all the work, your tie-down/release time is reduced.