Lifting Tech

From force measuring devices like Dynamometers and Load cells to Alert and Camera systems, technology is helping to add another level of knowledge and safety to the worksite.

  • Load Cells or other force measurement devices such as Dynamometers you know the weight of the load. Monitoring the load on your lifting and rigging equipment will help prolong the life of the equipment.
  • BlokAlert is a wireless audio-visual system used to warn the lifting crew around the crane block of its movement. Adding BlokAlert to your crane block helps alert your riggers and lifting crew in the proximity of the crane block.
  • BlokCam is a wireless camera system that gives the crane operator visual and audio from the crane block. This audio-visual feed goes directly to the crane operator allowing for an unobstructed, live feed of the load and surrounding area below the hook. BlokCam presents the crane operator with information previously out of clear sight, especially during a blind lift.