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Lever Hoists

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Food Grade Hoists

Fulcrum Lifting offers manual and powered hoists designed to make heavy lifting tasks easier. We provide lifting equipment for rigging applications in construction, energy, manufacturing, industrial and maritime applications. All hoists and winches meet or exceed ASME safety standards.


A hoist is designed to lift a load vertically over inclines greater than 45

Hoists are typically made with chain or wire rope and can be operated manually or by motors including electric, hydraulic or pneumatic. We offer the full line of hoists from manufactures such as Harrington Hoists, Columbus McKinnon, Magna Lifting Products, and Elephant Lifting Products.

Manual hoists

  • Lever hoists: Used for lifting, pulling, and holding in industrial and commercial applications. Lever hoists are designed to operate in tight spaces and low headroom. These hoists are best for light-duty jobs where the maximum height doesn’t exceed 20 feet.
  • Chain hoists: Lift and maneuver heavy loads short distances without power. They are used in construction and manufacturing where heavy equipment and items are lifted and lowered. We offer chain hoists with up to 25-ton capacity.

Powered hoists

  • Electric hoists: Lift heavy loads with a push of a button. Electric chain hoists are available in single phase and three phase options as well as a wide range of capacities and speeds. They are used on shop floors, production lines, warehouses, shipping departments or any material handling job.
  • Air chain hoists: Provide the flexibility needed from high-speed lifting to precise load control in workstation, construction and manufacturing applications. Air chain hoists are designed for continuous operation. They work to make lifting heavy loads safer in dusty, flammable or dirty environments as they are electricity-free so there’s no electrical arcing hazard to cause explosions.

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