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Rigging Hardware

We work with multiple brands to provide the right parts for the right price without sacrificing quality.

We offer hardware block options from The Crosby Group®, Gunnebo, Lebus, Codipro, Van Beest Green Pin®, and Columbus McKinnon.

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  • Chain Accessories can be used to fabricate or repair chain assemblies. Couplers, hooks, tensioners, shorteners, and chain chokers are just some of the components.
  • Hooks & Swivels have many different designs, strengths, and capacities. Clevis, Foundry, Grab, and Safety Hooks are some of the hook style variations.
  • Lifting Points are used to connect the load to the rigging gear. Eye bolts, pad eyes, and swivel hoist rings can make your connection to the load an easy and quick process.
  • Master Links are an important piece of any rigging assembly. They are designed in various shapes to make lifting applications easier.
  • ROV or hardware for use with Remotely Operated Vehicles. These components are optimized for operation and manipulation in underwater conditions.
  • Shackles range in grades, materials, sizes, and types. They are used to lift, pull, and secure loads in an array of environments.
  • Sheaves or sometimes called pulleys have an open groove that a cable or rope is fitted around. Sheaves allow the cable or rope to easily rotate around a fixed point or be used in a sheave block.
  • Synthetic Sling Fittings are designed specifically to help ease use and prolong the life of synthetic slings.
  • Turnbuckles are used for tensioning cable, rope, or other support lines. They are often used in architecture, marine, and rigging applications.
  • Wire Rope End Fittings are used to terminate or secure the end of wire rope. Their level of efficiency varies so picking the correct component for your application is vital.

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