Chain Slings

We offer a full line of chain sling options for any of your applications including Grade 80, Grade 100, and even Grade 120. We also offer lifting chain slings in Stainless Steel Grade 63 for special applications.

Chain Slings are one of the strongest and most durable types of rigging used. Due to the chain’s assembly process, it is inherently flexible, adjustable (with the correct assembly), temperature, and cut-resistant.

We can customize a chain sling for your application with various end fittings such as sling, grab, self-locking, or foundry hooks.

  • SLING HOOK: also known as slip sling hooks, are large throat hooks that are commonly used at the ends of chain slings and wire rope. These are typically self-locking.
  • SELF-LOCKING HOOK: these hooks are designed to pivot in the middle and lock as lifting pressure is applied. These hooks cannot be opened while in use lifting the load.
  • FOUNDRY HOOK: these are extra-large throat hooks which are used in special instances that require a larger throat opening to manage the load.
  • GRAB HOOK: sometimes referred to as standard or non-cradle grab hooks. These chain sling hooks feature a small throat that is designed to hold the link of the chain.
  • OBLONG MASTER LINK: An oblong-shaped ring that is used at the top of chain slings.

Chain Sling Ratings