Carbon Chain

When talking about chain used within the rigging industry, graded welded chain is the only appropriate chain. Weldless chain is not permitted for rigging applications. The grade of chain is included in the title of the welded chain ie. Grade 30, Grade 40, Grade 70. The higher the number, the stronger the chain is resistant to bending and breaking.

Grade 30General-purpose chain, the low-carbon chain used in industrial and agriculture applications including load securement, logging, and guard rails.
*Not to be used for overhead lifting.
Electrogalvanized FinishGrade 300 Chain
Chain SizeWork Load LimitFeet per DrumWeight per 100ft.
1/8″400 Lbs.2,000′21 Lbs.
3/16″800 Lbs.1,600′38 Lbs.
1/4″1,300 Lbs.800′69 Lbs.
5/16″1,900 Lbs.550′100 Lbs.
3/8″2,650 Lbs.400′145 Lbs.
1/2″4,500 Lbs.200′264 Lbs.
5/8″6,900 Lbs.150′393 Lbs.
3/4″10,600 Lbs.100′628 Lbs.

Grade 43Manufactured to meet ASTM & NACM specifications. The typical uses include container securement, logging, marine industry, and towing applications.
*Not to be used for overhead lifting.
Self Colored FinishGrade 430 Chain
Chain Size (in.)Work Load Limit
Feet per DrumWeight per 100ft.

Grade 70A higher strength, heat-treated carbon steel. Often used by highway crews, loggers, and truckers for towing, lashing, load securement and trawler chain.
*Not to be used for overhead lifting.
Zinc Coated FinishGrade 70 Chain
Chain Size (in.)Work Load Limit
Feet per DrumWeight per 100ft.

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