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Rigging Blocks

Fulcrum Lifting offers a variety of pulley blocks for lifting and pulling.

Commonly used in crane or winch operations it’s vital to know the application of the product and details of the product needing including wire rope diameter, capacity, parts of line in the system, sheave dimensions, and weight of the product requested.

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Pulley Blocks are widely used in a variety of industries, including construction, shipping, and manufacturing. For example, in construction, crane blocks are used to lift and move heavy loads such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and large equipment. In shipping, crane blocks are used to load and unload heavy cargo from ships, while in manufacturing, they are used to move raw materials and finished products within a factory.

  • Crane Blocks - range in size, shape, capacity, and intended application. Some of the specialty blocks include Drilling Blocks, Overhead Crane Blocks, Scrap Handling Blocks, and Tilt-Up Wall Blocks.  We work with US and European manufacturers to find the best block for your crane.
  • Snatch Blocks - are designed to be used as a pulley point and redirect the course of a pulling force.  Snatch blocks are furnished for light duty applications using small diameter wire rope up to large applications requiring 30 ton capacity.  Standard mounts include hook, shackle or tailboard style.
  • Other products - such as Overhaul Balls, Swivels, Sheaves, Load Insulating Links, etc. are available for your application. 

Fulcrum Lifting offers rigging & pulley block options from McKissick, The Crosby Group®, Lebus, and Miller Lifting Products.

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