Slings (WR - Syn - CH)

Alloy Chain Slings

We fabricate and distribute Lifting Chain Slings with components manufactured by Gunnebo Johnson, Crosby and other world leaders in chain and components.

Boom Pendant Lines

We have the capacity to build and proof test wire rope pendant lines up to 1-1/2" diameter and 55 ft. length in-house.

Button Stops

We have an assortment of buttons and swaging die that allow us to quickly fabricate hoisting ropes for cranes. We are often contacted in break down situations to supply wire ropes in short order to keep cranes in production even after hours.

Coffee Pot Sling

Coffee Pot sling assemblies, used most often for concrete pipe picks, are assembled and tested in house up to 1" in diameter.


Some call this a "field fitting" for its ability to be installed without a swager. Electroline manufactures non-swage end fittings and swivels for wire and synthetic rope, cable and line.


We stock a wide variety of hooks in eye hoist, swivel, self-locking and chain (grab/sling) styles. We inventory primarily Crosby and Gunnebo Johnson. We also carry a wide variety of latch kits to incorporate onto to the hooks.

Rings & Links

We have rings in inventory from both Gunnebo Johnson and The Crosby Group.

Roundslings - Polyester

Roundslings have many advantages that often make them the sling of choice. Relocation of pick points, ease of handling and high load capacities are a few of the selling points. We inventory a wide array of polyester roundslings in our facili [...]

Sling Saver Fittings

Crosby Sling Saver ® Fittings have been introduced to work more effectively with synthetic slings. When using synthetic slings, ask for Sling Saver ® shackles and hooks.

Tail Chains

Tail Chains are most often used with winch lines for load control.

Web Slings

With their economic price point and ease of handling, web slings are our most popular sling by quantity sold. Being able to sew web slings and wear pads in-house allows us to customize products to increase their useful lives.

Winch and Roll Off Cables

Winch lines and roll off wires can be the most rigorously used ropes in the field. Our bulk purchasing allow for competitive prices and quick fabrication times assist in keeping your equipment in operation.

Wire Rope Lubricant

Wire rope is a machine and requires proper maintenance. You need a lubricant that penetrates through the outer wires and strands of a rope and gets to the core. We distribute aerosol cans and 5 gallon pales of Vitalife ® wire rope lubricant [...]

Wire Rope Slings

We build and stock the most utilized size and length wire rope slings. We also have multiple swaging machines on-site to provide fast lead times on large orders requiring production. For slings up to 1" in diameter, we've incorporated Crosby [...]

Wire Rope Spreaders

With skilled fabricators and a large assortment of fittings, we can supply a customized multi-leg wire rope assembly in short order.

Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire rope thimbles are utilized to protect the eye of a wire rope eye / termination.