Loadbinders are available from Crosby or Durabilt from our inventory in ratchet or lever type design

Binder Chains

Common binder chains are readily available from inventory in individual or full drum quantities. We also assemble custom binder chain lengths in our shop for special requests


We carry a large inventory of Crosby shackles in screw-pin and bolt-type designs.


We stock a wide variety of hooks in eye hoist, swivel, self-locking and chain (grab/sling) styles. We inventory primarily Crosby and Gunnebo Johnson. We also carry a wide variety of latch kits to incorporate onto to the hooks.

Wire Rope Clips

For heavy duty applications we recommend using Crosby forged wire rope clips. We also carry malleable clips for light duty applications.

Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire rope thimbles are utilized to protect the eye of a wire rope eye / termination.


Turnbuckles are used primarily to increase tension on a stationary line or provide length adjustments for lifting applications.

Eye Bolts

The eyebolts we provide are forged and manufactured in the USA.

Rings & Links

We have rings in inventory from both Gunnebo Johnson and The Crosby Group.

Tiedown Accessories

Many flatbed trailers need extra accessories to protect their loads and equipment.

Wedge Socket

Our most popular wedge socket is still the Crosby Terminator ™ style. With the increased use of high performance ropes, though, the new Crosby Super Terminator ™ is gaining in popularity with it's increased efficiency. Ask us about which [...]


Swivels are available in many designs and configurations to meet specific applications.


Blocks are available in a multitude of configurations depending on application. Simple blocks, such as snatch blocks, are readily available from our inventory. If you are looking to replace a construction, overhead or crane block, our staff [...]

Tail Chains

Tail Chains are most often used with winch lines for load control.

Button Stops

We have an assortment of buttons and swaging die that allow us to quickly fabricate hoisting ropes for cranes. We are often contacted in break down situations to supply wire ropes in short order to keep cranes in production even after hours.


Some call this a "field fitting" for its ability to be installed without a swager. Electroline manufactures non-swage end fittings and swivels for wire and synthetic rope, cable and line.

Sling Saver Fittings

Crosby Sling Saver ® Fittings have been introduced to work more effectively with synthetic slings. When using synthetic slings, ask for Sling Saver ® shackles and hooks.

Alloy Chain Slings

We fabricate and distribute Lifting Chain Slings with components manufactured by Gunnebo Johnson, Crosby and other world leaders in chain and components.

Bulk Chain

We stock in-house various diameters of grade 100 alloy, transport grade 70 and proof coil grade 30.