Meet Michael Guarneri!

Michael’s official title with Fulcrum Lifting is “Clamp, Hoist, and Hydraulic Technician / Maintenance Coordinator”. His title is long and his skills list is even longer. He began working at Fulcrum Lifting in 2014 and has been a jack of all trades ever since.

A lifelong Hoosier, Michael is certified in Industrial Mechanics by Ivy Tech and continues to work on his degree in Applied Sciences. A typical day involves inspecting and repairing our forklifts, answering emails, working with customers on their service quotes, and rebuilding and repairing tools and equipment.

Enerpac and Simplex industrial tools are his specialty and he is furthering his education this summer at their bolting school. He says the number one tip he can provide is to make certain the hydraulic fluid is not contaminated by removing debris from couplers and replacing the fluid as needed. This will extend the life of the inner seals, hoses, and cylinders.

When Michael isn’t working his day job he enjoys helping friends and family with any type of repair or renovation work. It’s no wonder he’s in high demand — his attention to detail is at the top of his skills list.

Fulcrum Lifting is currently an authorized dealer and repair center for Enerpac/Simplex hydraulics soon to be for bolting tools and pumps.

If you have any questions or would like to introduce yourself to Michael he can be reached at [email protected]