Fulcrum Lifting™ Unveils Its Newest Facility In Indiana

fulcrum new location crew

The History

Walter Vernon Maier founded Vernon Hardware in 1948 to serve as a material provider for the coal mining sector. Operating under the name Black Diamond Brand Goods the company’s expertise at the time was in the manufacturing and marketing of specialized products for the coal industry.

In 2016, Fulcrum Lifting reorganized Tri-State and Kentuckiana as DBAs. Then, in 2018, Vernon Lifting Products was acquired, and it now also operates as a DBA under Fulcrum Lifting. Each regional branch is fully committed to providing premium lifting and rigging goods, services, and consultancy that are distinguished by honesty, subject-matter expertise, and a client-centered attitude.

Throughout many years, Vernon and Fulcrum have built the partnerships that customers may now find in the sector. The legacy of Fulcrum began with the establishment of Kentuckiana in 1981 by Mel Fireovid and Ed Elliot. Making sales calls during the day and creating slings at night was how the company got off the ground. By the end of the decade, Kentuckiana had established itself as a successful company in the greater Louisville region, expanded to Cincinnati, and inaugurated Tri-State in 1989.

New Facility

Facilities were a significant issue in recent years at the Vernon Lifting Products location. The Vernon Lifting Products location, which was in Boonville, Indiana, actually consisted of two independent buildings that were about three-quarters of a mile apart—not exactly efficient.

In Evansville, Indiana, about 12 miles away, the Vernon Lifting Products team relocated into a newly renovated facility in April of this year (2022), boosting storage both inside and outside the building and putting the entire company comfortably within 25,000 square feet under one roof. Beyond that, both clients and staff now take advantage of the basic comforts of a modern institution.

The new Vernon Lifting Products location offers consumers a more convenient location, right off Interstate 69 and features a number of upgrades over the previous building.

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We’re excited about where the Fulcrum team is heading. The Vernon Lifting Products branch relocation is an example of our efforts to improve the company for our team members and customers. Contact us today!