Don’t Let Your Synthetics Get Burnt

It’s summer time and the sun’s out, which means many of us layer on sunscreen in order to avoid looking like lobsters. However, did you know that your synthetic slings can get sunburned as well? Unfortunately, there’s no SPF lotion to lather onto your synthetic slings.

All synthetic products are degraded by sources of UV light. In 2003 the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA) released test results showing UV degradation on synthetic web slings. According to the research, web slings can lose up to 40% of their strength when exposed to the sun for just 16 months. The WSTDA cautions that degradation can take place without visible indications; however, here are some signs that your synthetic web slings have been damaged by the sun:

  1. Fading color is a clear sign of UV damage. If a sling was originally orange and now it’s a pale peach, it’s time to take it out of service.
  2. Stiffness, lack of pliability or a fuzzy texture along the length of the sling can signify severe UV degradation.
  3. Inspect the structural integrity by snapping the sling against a hard surface. If you see a lot of fiber dust, you know the sling has been damaged by UV degradation.

When in doubt, bring your slings into one of Fulcrum Lifting’s locations and one of our experts will be happy to take a look.