Did You Know? Enerpac Products Solve Tough Problems

Innovative Enerpac Solution Finished Job Ahead of Schedule

A maintenance shutdown at any plant is likely to cause stress and anxiety among leaders who are trying to coordinate multiple jobs simultaneously. In 2006, an eight-day maintenance shutdown at Gallatin Steel in Gallatin, Kentucky, was scheduled to complete vital maintenance on a particularly critical operation item, the tin slab caster turret slewing bearing. Fortunately, a novel approach from Enerpac helped facilitate the task, while freeing up the mill’s shop cranes for other necessary tools and kept the shutdown time to a minimum.

EnerpacCaseStudy_image001Enerpac’s approach utilized synchronized hydraulic jacks to lift the upper turret section off its bearing for placement onto a custom-fabricated transfer car, which then moved it 23 feet on a specially fabricated runway. Although the lifting could have been accomplished in a traditional manner, manually raising each of the eight lift points in precisely equal increments is tricky and extremely time-consuming. Because of Enerpac’s award-winning Synchronous Lifting System, the job was completed ahead of schedule with accuracy and control.

For this job, Enerpac asked Kentuckiana Wire Rope & Supply, a Fulcrum Lifting company, to provide field support, assembly and follow up service work. Because of innovative products and systems like this, Fulcrum is always proud to partner with Enerpac. To learn more about this project, click here.