How to unreel, uncoil and store wire rope


There is always a danger of kinking a wire rope if you improperly unreel or uncoil it. You should mount a reel on jacks or a turntable so that it will revolve as you pull the rope off. Apply sufficient tension by means of a board acting as a brake against the reel flange to keep slack from accumulating. With a coil, stand it on edge and roll it in a straight line away from the free end.


You may also place a coil on a revolving stand and pull the rope as you would from a reel on a turntable.

    The Start

  1. The start: A rope should never be allowed to accumulate twist as shown above because it will loop and eventually form a kink. If this loop is removed before being pulled down tight, you can normally avoid the kink.
  2. The Kink

  3. The kink: By now, the damage is done, and the rope must not be used.
  4. The Result

  5. The result: Even if the wires do not appear badly damaged, the rope is still damaged and must be replaced.

If a twist develops, remove the twist from the rope before a kink can form.

*credit to Union Wire Rope