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Who is John Doppes?

One thing we’re very proud of at Fulcrum Lifting is the longevity and loyalty of our employees. We have industry veterans and top experts right here inside the walls of Fulcrum Lifting so each customer interaction is with a knowledgeable and dedicated individual.

John Doppes returned to us in 2010 after having spent 20+ years working in the wire rope industry. John briefly worked for Tri-State Wire Rope Supply in the early stages of TSWR in 1990. After two decades elsewhere in the industry, John came back to work for TSWR/Fulcrum Lifting and we are thankful to have him. John is known for his excellent customer service and breadth of knowledge about our products and the industry as a whole.

We wanted to share some fun facts with you about John Doppes.

What do you do at Fulcrum Lifting?
I have been the Dayton Branch Manager for six years.

What do you like most about working at Fulcrum?
My favorite thing is all the people I work with – both customers and my co-workers. The team here made it an easy transition when I started six years ago. It’s a great group of people. One thing I always look forward to is our annual Christmas party!

What is one of your goals each day?
I strive to make customers happy with good service and on-time deliveries. I’ve been working with customers in the Dayton area for over 25 years so you get to know them pretty well.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?
I like to go fishing, golfing, camping and we go to Gatlinburg several times a year to feed wild bears! (Yes, that’s him in the YouTube video “Five feet from a bear.”)

What is your favorite food?
I could eat pizza every day.

Favorite movie or TV shows?
I like comedies and any sports on TV.

Do you have any pets?
One big dog (Cooper) and two cats (Kelly and Wenkie).

How about your family?
My wife, Barbara, and I have a son and two daughters. Austin is in his fourth year working at TSWR/Fulcrum, Emily is going to Ohio University and Meghan is a senior in high school.

What can you offer to your customers that not everyone else can offer?
My long tenure in the industry helps a lot. There are a lot of odd ball items that you may have sold 5-10 years ago, and if you can recall those for a current situation with a customer, it’s great.