Featured Vendor: WireCo WorldGroup

WireCo WorldGroup

Each of the Fulcrum Lifting branch locations manufactures and distributes multiple brands (including our own). Wire and Synthetic Rope, Chain, Clamps, Fall Protection, Below the Hook Lifting Devices, are just a few of the many product categories offered. A great brand is more than just a high quality product – great service, availability, and quality representation from highly skilled and trained sales professionals is a must.

WireCo World Group is one of those vendors and we are fortunate to have an experienced and local rep in the Tri-State area, Mike Elias. Mike has inspected many wire ropes for us over the years and it’s nice to have his trained eyes take a second look as needed.

Here’s a quick video of WireCo’s manufacturing and capabilities. I think you’ll be impressed and amazed at what they do and we are proud to distribute their products.