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Crosby SL 150 Slide-Loc

Crosby SL 150 Slide-LocThe new Crosby SL 150 Slide-Loc is an innovative alternative to standard eye bolts. This unique locking mechanism makes the lifting point well suited for quick attachment to a load surface and features QUIC-CHECK® markings to assist in knowing when the device is ready for lifting. At the center of this innovative design is a patent-pending locking mechanism that slides to quickly lock the bolt for installation or release the bolt for swiveling during the lift. Best of all, no tools are required; the whole installation can be done by hand.

Perhaps the most significant feature that separates the Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc from traditional eye bolts is that it swivels 360° to always keep the load aligned with the sling. It also maintains its full working load limit at angles up to 90°, whereas most eye bolts must be downgraded significantly with side-loading. With a quick and easy removal, the Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc can make your job easier and faster than ever before.

For more information about the Crosby SL 150 Slide-Loc, including our introductory special pricing, stop by Fulcrum Lifting or give us a call (513) 918-3344.

For SL-150 product demonstration, please check out this video: