Lewis LSG-X Snake Grip


Prevent wire rope damage

When installing wire rope, it’s important to use a grip in order to prevent/minimize any damage. The Lewis LSG-X Snake Grip is one of the best on the market to pull a new cable/wire with the existing cable/wire that is being replaced.

The LSG-X Snake Grips perform the same function as the standard Lewis LSG Snake Grips; however, the LSG-X Snake Grip cannot be taken apart in the middle, and the two grip sides are permanently attached via the grip’s “Swivel Tube Assembly,” which is a low profile heavy-duty friction swivel. This snake is for the customer who does not need to separate the two pulling grip elements and who prefers a very low profile swivel. The swivel is permanently greased and has the size range and working load clearly stenciled on the swivel tube assembly.

Learn how to install the Lewis Grip onto a wire rope.