Featured Product: Crosby Easy-Loc V2TM


Shackle Bolt Securement Made Easy

Want to simplify the lift? For heavy lifting applications, the Crosby® Easy-Loc V2TM shackle bolt securement system is another Crosby® industry first that sets a new benchmark for speed and efficiency. Simply said, it will change the way you make your next lift.

The Easy-Loc V2TM, coupled with Crosby shackles, features a patent pending bolt securement system that eliminates the need for the nut and cotter pins in heavy lift applications, making it up to 90% faster than traditional methods.

For decades, riggers have used traditional bolt securement methods in nearly all heavy lift applications, where a nut had to be threaded onto the bolt, which takes time, especially when the threads have been exposed to dirt and debris. With traditional bolt-type shackles, once a nut is securely placed, a cotter pin must be installed, and usually additional tools are required to complete the task.

With the Easy-Loc V2, installation can be completed in just three simple steps, with up to 90% faster installation and release times. With only a one hand installation/removal in most cases, the new ergonomically designed wide opening grip handle makes the process faster and easier by providing a hassle-free handling/rigging point. Additionally, the wide grip handle takes the guesswork out of bolt spearing during assembly, and it reduces potential lifting hazards like pinch points and bolt coiling.

Hands down, the Easy-Loc V2 saves you time and money, and is now standard on 125 metric ton through 300 metric ton Crosby G-2160 Wide Body Shackles and G-2140 Alloy Shackles.

Saves Time and Money

  • Reduces install/release times by up to 90%

Easy to Use

  • No cotter pins or tools required
  • Up to 60% lighter than nut and cotter pins
  • One hand installation/removal in most cases
  • Handle design provides easy and unimpeded access for almost any hand size

Job Site Tough

  • Meets all industry standards
  • The collar is made from 316 stainless steel, resists corrosion in the harshest environments