We are here to solve your problems! Well, perhaps not ALL of your problems, but if you have a rigging product that needs repaired or an issue that needs an expert’s trained eye, chances are we have what you need.

Fulcrum Lifting’s company Kentuckiana Wire Rope is an authorized Enerpac Warranty & Service center, providing top-quality maintenance and repair services for many products. We have a dedicated factory-trained technician on our team, Michael Guarneri, to manage the warranty and repair service center on a daily basis.

As one of the few authorized Enerpac Warranty & Service Centers in the tri-state area, KWR’s status is approved and maintained through a regular audit process by Enerpac, which guarantees:

  • Safety is a primary focus
  • Authorized Service Center staff are trained by experienced Enerpac trainers
  • Original Enerpac parts are used for repair
  • Workshop tools and equipment are adequately tailored for Enerpac repairs
  • Effective administrative handling is in place
  • Repair as new, replacing all wear and tear on parts as part of the repair process
  • Repair under Warranty is approved by Enerpac

Additionally, we also provide service to other rigging tools such as manual hoists, electric hoists, lifting clamps, high-pressure hydraulics and other mechanical devices. Stop by to learn more about our products and services as a premier Enerpac Warranty & Service Center.