Employee Spotlight: meet Bryan Eckstein

Bryan Eckstein

Experience. Knowledge. Dedication. Fun.

These are just a few words to describe one of our most trusted employees. Many of our customers have had the opportunity to meet Bryan since he often participates in inspections and is often the go-to guy for those at once needs.

Bryan has been employed at the Tri-State Wire Rope branch in Cincinnati for 15 years. He actually “came with the building” as he worked for the previous building owner for 5 years before joining Tri-State! He likes to work with his hands and enjoys fixing things – the perfect attributes for employment in a rigging shop. He jokes that the most challenging part of his job is “putting up with the guys in the office” but if you’ve had the opportunity to witness Bryan at work you’ll quickly see that many of his responsibilities are challenging. He currently spends the majority of his time doing repairs and testing but Bryan is a multitasker and has the ability and talent to do every task in our shop.

His hobbies are golf, darts, working on cars, and doing yardwork around the house. He has a beautiful fiance’ Brandy and a soon to be teenage daughter that keep him hopping. He loves to go out to eat with them (or anyone for that matter!) and his favorite restaurant is The Precinct.

Bryan says his favorite part of working for Tri-State is that “they treat him good” and the feeling is mutual. Thanks Bryan for all you do!