Did You Know?

Sewing an eye onto a synthetic web sling

Tailoring your synthetic web slings may save money and promote safety

It’s easy to treat slings as a commodity and purchase the cheapest and/or most readily available product on the shelf at non-fabricator’s locations; however, working with a custom fabricator like Fulcrum Lifting™ can be much safer and ultimately save you a lot of money. We can make small tweaks to slings that tailor to certain applications better and result in prolonged life and ease of use by:

  • Wear Pads – adding wear pads in the eye or on the body of the sling act as a buffer between the sling and the load, which helps prevent sling abrasion, which could lead to sling damage or failure.
  • Tag Preservation – specify a unique place to put the sling load tag (inside the eye or on a different end of a sling) in order to preserve the tag as long as possible. If an identification tag is missing or illegible, you should remove the sling from service.
  • Twists in the Eyes – having twists in the eyes may help preserve the life of the sling, especially when the sling is used in a choker hitch. This, bundled with extra protection wrapped around the sling eye, provides additional service life.

These are just a few examples of how we can help tailor your sling to fit an application, which is ultimately safer and more reliable for the user. With their economic price point and ease of handling, web slings are our most popular sling by quantity sold. Being able to sew web slings and wear pads in-house allows us to easily customize products to increase their useful lives.