Crosby debuts new blog “The Hook”

The Hook blog by Crosby

Online education via social media, blogs, podcasts, and videos (and of course our newsletter!) are great ways to increase your knowledge. One of our top vendors, The Crosby Group, has recently debuted a new blog titled “The Hook”, and is a source of valuable content for new and experienced rigging professionals. Learn practical rigging training tips from the industry’s leading experts, including Crosby’s Danny Bishop; see rigging applications and projects that include Crosby solutions; and receive the latest industry news, insights, and safety and regulatory updates.

If you have a specific question about a product or application, or if you’d like to see a training topic that hasn’t been covered, you can let them know.

To learn more about Crosby’s training program, including online courses, on-site rigging clinics and seminars, videos, and training materials, visit

Fulcrum Lifting is proud to distribute Crosby and their family of brands including Gunnebo Johnson, McKissick, StraightPoint, IP, and more.

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