Cortland Rope Plasma® Vehicle Tow & Recovery Cables

When heavy equipment becomes stuck, productivity goes down. Recovering the vehicle can be a difficult and hazardous process. Traditional tow lines made from steel wire rope can be heavy, inflexible, difficult to rig and may recoil when they break. Plasma® Vehicle Tow and Recovery Cables from Cortland replace wire rope. The cables are designed using high modulus synthetic fibers in a torque-free braided rope construction offering the same strength and elongation characteristics as wire with only 1/7th the weight. Quickly attached to both towing equipment and mired vehicles, Plasma® Vehicle Tow and Recovery Cables can easily meet the toughest tests.

Cortland’s patented Plasma® HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) synthetic fiber has been successfully out-performing and replacing steel wire rope in lifting and towing applications for over twenty years. Unlike wire, Plasma® will not rust or corrode and has much better bend and tension fatigue resistance.

In addition to tow vehicle cables, Fulcrum Lifting offers a complete line of synthetic rope for all types of applications. This product is a must-see and experience to believe. Ask your rep to see a sample today.

Check out the Cortland Tow Vehicle Video below: