Chain Grades

We’ve been hearing stories that truckers are spray painting their chains blue to disguise it as Gunnebo Grade 100 alloy so perhaps it’s a good time to discuss chain identification!

Although we’ve been using this chain for slings for quite some time, this highly visible blue powder coated chain is now being requested and used for transport chain more and more given its high working load limit.

To properly identify the chain, look closely at the numbers or letters embossed into the links. The grade 100 Gunnebo chain pictured above is identified with the number 10 as well as traceability codes on the link. Grade 80 chain will typically have either an 8 or 80 embossed into one of the links, Grade 70 a 7 or 70, and so on.

Always check the chain grade and size and use the appropriate chain for the job. And remember, only grade 80 alloy or higher chain is approved for overhead lifting. Below is a quick reference chart showing working load limits (in lbs.) of various chain grades.