Enerpac High Performance Battery Operated Pump


Now available through Tri-State Wire Rope Supply & Kentuckiana Wire Rope & Supply – Schedule your demo today! The ZC-Series cordless hydraulic pumps combine the performance of an electric pump with the convenience and portability of a battery pump. The ZC-Series is ideal for jobs that require a combination of portability, speed and safety. These  Read More

Shall or Should? Test your knowledge:


Remember, “shall” is a requirement and “should” is a recommendation. Test your knowledge below: Rigging equipment for material handling (shall? or should?) be inspected prior to use on each shift Defective rigging equipment (shall? or should?) be removed from service. Rigging equipment, when not in use, (shall? or should?) be removed from the immediate work  Read More

Sling Protection


Given the previous post, you now know that OSHA 1910.184(c)(7) states: “Slings shall be padded or protected from the sharp edges of their loads” There are many options to making certain that your slings are protected including corner guards, edge protectors, rubber hose, wear pads, and many others. Each is designed to either increase the  Read More