About Fulcrum Lifting™

John and his dad, Mel
John and his dad, Mel

What’s in a name?

So, what is Fulcrum Lifting™? We’re glad you asked. In February 2016 we introduced Fulcrum Lifting, the new parent company for Kentuckiana Wire Rope & Supply™ (KWR) and Tri-State Wire Rope Supply™ (TSWR). No, we did not get bought out, nor did we change companies all together. Instead, we wanted a stronger, more unified platform going forward in order to streamline our identity and brand.

In 1981 Mel Fireovid and his partner, Ed Elliott, founded KWR. Nine years later Mel formed TSWR, where his son John often worked after school. The dedication and hard work of these two companies over the past 35 years has laid the foundation for a stronger future, under the new Fulcrum Lifting™ banner.

At Fulcrum Lifting™, John Fireovid is President, carrying on his father’s legacy of growing the business through hard work and strong customer relationships.

How will this impact you, our customer? KWR and TSWR remain intact, with the same employees you’ve come to know and trust. But now, both companies become stronger through the shared resource opportunities made possible by Fulcrum Lifting™. This approach provides an enhanced identity and platform for our organization going forward.

Why the name “Fulcrum”? A fulcrum is the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots; it’s a thing that plays a central role in an activity, event or situation. This defines our dedicated team of expert employees, because of whom our organization continues to be known for exceptional attention to customers’ needs and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to solve their biggest challenges. Same teams, same day-to-day operations, just a new name.